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When it comes to precision, we've been cutting it in steel since 1921. And with every cut, we pride ourselves on accuracy to meet your exact specifications. To that end, we've installed 2 Red Bud cut-to-length line with Herr-Voss leveler, a combination that will give you unmatched precision every time you order. A Herr-Voss leveled sheet is the best leveled sheet in the business, free of cross bow, coil set, edge wave or buckle. And our Red Bud guarantees a .005 inch repeatability length tolerance sheet after sheet. Bottom line: that means total accuracy just the way you ordered it. Guaranteed.
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Services Offered
  • Shearing
  • Blanking
  • Cut-To-Length/Leveling
  • JIT(Just-In-Time-Delivery)
  • Consignment Managed Inventories
  • Laser Cutting *NEW*
  • Rail Unloading
  • Plasma (Plate) Burning
  • Inventory Managed Program
  • Barcoding
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • SMWC Logistics *NEW*
Other outside services available upon request