LaserFlat (TM)

What is LaserFlat:
    • A Steel Mfg & Whse. trademarked product
    • Born and bred in the heart of America
    • Processed specifically for flatness
    • Not a straightened sheet, not a pressure rolled sheet, a true leveled sheet that has near flatness perfection.
      Don't fight the process because your material isn't flat
        • LaserFlat adds value to any 2nd and 3rd tier processing
        • Its flat for optimum performance in laser, waterjet, oxy and plasma cutting
        • Material stays flat during and after cutting
        • Skeletons stay flat after cutting for easy stacking
        • A worry free flatness for a "lights out operation"

          Don't settle on just anything. Settle on LaserFlat

          Product Inquiry
          Custom coil and/or sheet sizes available upon request